Stop Unaware Speeding With a Properly Functioning Speedometer

When your car is running well, you’re on easy street, driving hither, thither and yon without a worry. Imagine how that feeling might be dashed when you get pulled over for speeding! The officer says you were going 75 miles per hour, but your speedometer said only 60. Yikes! It might be time for a speedometer cluster repair.

What the Heck Is a Speedometer Cluster?

All cars have instrument clusters. These are components that contain numerous readouts and gauges that judge how the car is running. These include many things, such as the fuel gauge, odometer, temperature monitor and your speedometer. The speedometer cluster’s only job is to tell you how fast your car is going in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour.

How Can I Tell If I Need a Speedometer Cluster Repair?

Often, when the speedometer is not working properly, you’ll hear a faint ticking sound while the car is moving. Another way is to use distance. Let’s say you are on a road trip and set your cruise control at 60 miles an hour. Once you’ve driven 60 miles, you’ll either arrive just on the hour, or perhaps earlier or later. These may be signs you need a speedometer calibration. At myairbags.com, one of their specialty areas is speedometer cluster repair and calibration. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle’s parts are in the hands of experts in their field.

How Do I Get Service With Them?

The folks at myairbags can help you whether you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person or whether you’re going to your local mechanic. You will pay far less for the parts you need than you would otherwise pay at a local dealer. You or your mechanic removes your speedometer cluster and sends it in. Once received, professional technicians get to work and have your cluster repaired or replaced within 24 hours.

Each component of your cluster is tested in the Atlanta shop and returned to you in like-new condition, ready to be reinstalled. Some of the more common issues they deal with include sudden power loss, incorrect speed, speedometer gauge not working at all or the tachometer goes crazy.

Having a properly functioning speedometer is not only a good idea financially…you don’t want a ticket for speeding when you either weren’t or weren’t aware, but also for safety. When your lights are dim or malfunctioning, it’s very hard to see how fast you’re going, especially at night. Some cars ride so smoothly, you can be going near 90 mph and not even realize it until you look down. For speedometer cluster repair you can count on, talk to the folks at myairbags today!

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