When Do You Need Automatic Transmission Repair Services in Denver?

No one will argue that an automatic transmission makes driving much easier, so it’s important to keep your vehicle’s “tranny” in tiptop shape. This is a complex system that is made up of many parts, all of which work together to keep your car or running as smoothly as possible. When you don’t have to shift the gears yourself, you might find yourself taking your transmission for granted. Don’t. Damage to the system is not a quick and easy repair. Keep in mind the following to ensure your take your vehicle in for automatic transmission repair services in Denver whenever necessary.

What is that pink fluid?

One of the common signs you might be facing an issue with your tranny is leaking. Sometimes this is a sign of a loose seal, which isn’t too bad, or a cracked transmission, which is really bad. If you see fluid on your garage floor, don’t just assume it is oil, because it might be transmission fluid. Grab a white cloth or paper towel and dab at the liquid. Hold it up to the light and see if it is pink, dark red, or even brown. If it is pink or red, it’s likely transmission fluid. If it’s brown, smell it. If it smells like burnt toast, that’s also a sign it’s transmission fluid and not oil. Take your vehicle in for automatic transmission repair services in Denver right away, as low fluid causes all sorts of other trouble.

Other Signs You Might Be in Trouble

Some other signs you might be in some tranny trouble include strange movement and strange sounds. You know how your car or truck drives, and if you’ve noticed lately that your vehicle is jerking or pausing from stop to go, not shifting correctly, jerking while you’re driving it, or slipping out of gear, you should take it in. Knocking, pinging and especially grinding sounds while switching gears is also an indicator that your transmission is not running as it should. Frustrating as it may be to schedule an appointment with a mechanic, you’ll want to do so sooner rather than later, as waiting will increase your damage.

Don’t Forget the Maintenance

Just as you need your oil changed and tune-up every so many miles, you also need a transmission service each time your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends it. Check your owner’s manual to see when the service is recommended, and then schedule it with an expert in automatic transmission repair services in Denver once you’ve reached that mileage milestone. The best way to avoid expensive tranny fixes in the future is to maintain your tranny now, so don’t put off this maintenance check to save money, because it will cost you more money in the end.

You love your car or truck, so baby it with the necessary maintenance and automatic transmission repair services in Denver whenever it needs it. This ensures this system in your automobile remains in top working order, which means you’ll enjoy driving your vehicle for a very long time. Think about the money you’ll save. You can buy your dream sports car next!

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