Learn About The Reasons Behind The Increase Of Certified Cars

Certified used cars are sold at a higher price as compared to uncertified ones. This can be due to various reasons. New car dealers sell these types of cars under “OEM” programs. These are newer versions of models that have only run a few miles and are thoroughly examined for performance, condition, and title histories. Certified used cars are re-conditioned to make them as new as it can be and are offered under extended warranties. These services help in providing the best driving experience to the users.

Superior quality vehicle condition

There is a lot of thought process carried out when designing a certified used car. These cars are made to meet mileage, specific driving condition, and age restrictions to undergo an OEM CPO program. Commonly used cars fail to fulfill these restrictions and so can’t be sold under the category of a “Certified Used Car.”  Such cars will not be allowed to enter into the world of “Certified Used Car”.

These cars are characterized as used ones, which have an excellent working state and have been used only for a few kilometers. Also, these cars are very new and it has only been one to two years post their introduction in the market.

Thorough inspection of the vehicle condition

Before launching as a certified used car, a thorough check is performed on the condition of the vehicle. It is ensured that proper history check of the vehicle is done and the title of the vehicle is clear and is devoid of any conflicts.

Any worn parts, if found post examination, are replaced by brand new ones. The vehicle is completely re-conditioned from inside as well as outside to make it close to the newest possible version of it.

Protection through extended warranty

Most of the “OEM CPO” programs provide certified used cars with an extended warranty. This warranty is provided above the original coverage of warranty. This extended warranty coverage includes several areas such as the transmission system, the engine, selected components of the car, etc.

There are a few OEM CPO programs that also provide a separate warranty that covers the car from defects, which are caused due to running for a pre-specific time duration and mileage.

Quality assistance on the road

There is nothing more painful than finding your car stuck in the middle of the road. “OEM CPO” programs also provide 24-hour assistance on the road, trial subscriptions to Internet services, satellite radio, free of cost scheduled maintenance, and at those times, when your vehicle needs to get restored for an item that is covered under warranty.

Hilton Head is the place in the US where you can find several renowned certified used car dealers. Hilton Head used car dealerships offer the customers with free towing, reimbursement for expenditure incurred on repairs if their vehicle breaks down at the time of the coverage period.


All these reasons make certified used cars costlier than a common used car. The services provided by these car dealers are worthwhile to any consumer.

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