Knowing When You Need to Look for a Salt Lake City Transmission Repair Service

The transmission, unfortunately, can be a fairly delicate and temperamental part of a vehicle, the service of which should be performed promptly by dedicated professionals. Putting off a transmission repair or even a regular servicing can lead to several diverse issues that you may experience with your vehicle, some of which may end in you stuck on the side of the road. Needless to say, procrastination is not a viable option when your transmission needs an expert’s attention. There are, however, some warning signs to look for that may be able to let you know when you should head over to your local, Salt Lake City transmission repair service specialists.

Transmission Fluid Leakage

Although it is never a good sign to have fluids leaking from your vehicle, and especially not such important fluid as the transmission fluid, there may be a bright side to the leak. For one thing, checking the color of the fluid leaking can help you determine the health of your transmission and, thankfully, fluid leaks are fairly inexpensive to repair comparatively with a Salt Lake City auto transmission service. A bright red tint in the liquid, for example, indicates that the fluid is still fairly new and is performing properly. If the hue is any darker, however, the best assumption is that your transmission fluid may be in need of changing in the near future. Lastly, in this regard, it is important to remember that if your leakage is actually pink or clear, you may have water contamination in your transmission and you should seek immediate servicing. There is no way, however, to effectively flush water from the transmission currently and automatic transmissions will fail in this situation.

Transmission Slips

Perhaps one of the most frustrating of the symptoms of transmission issues, slips while shifting between gears can be a blatant sign that your vehicle is in need of a Salt Lake City auto transmission service. Now, how can you know when you have experienced a slip? If, say, you were driving down the road and your vehicle either shifts automatically or you shift manually, but there is not change in the torque being applied to your wheels, even though your rpm’s just kept going up as you push down on the gas to keep up with traffic. This is a slip and it could be a sign that your transmission is in need of a servicing. Although you should keep your eye out for slips, it will be clear when these occur.

Transmission Refusing to Go into Gear

If your vehicle won’t go into gear, you’ve definitely found yourself in a pickle and you already know that there is something wrong with your car. Although you may have already guessed, yes, the problem is most likely your transmission. Luckily, quality service centers will often offer free towing services to their facilities. This is the time to seek out a Salt Lake City transmission repair service. Be sure to call a specialist and refrain from revving your engine until you have consulted a technitian about the issues you are experiencing.

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