Essential Tips For Moving Day

Whether you’re moving across the country or across the town, planning a move can be quite an undertaking, especially if there is family or pets involved. Making sure things arrive on time and intact can seem like a game of chance, but a safe and efficient move can be easily achieved with some simple planning. If you’ve found yourself stocking up on bubble wrap and searching for a moving service in Los Angeles, hopefully these tips will help you stay organized for the big day ahead.

Before moving any sofas or rolling up any rugs, you first need to make a list of preparations. Pick the best day (or week) for the move that best suits your schedule. Anticipate switching over your electricity and water before the move so you’re not stuck using candles on your first night in the new home. A week before the move, change your address so you won’t be missing any mail once you’re settled in. For the actual move-in day, make a list of personal essentials like make-up and a change of clothes for the first night so no one will be stuck having to sift through boxes just to unpack their toothpaste. You can also make a box of essentials for the family, which can include things like toilet paper and eating utensils, that can be unpacked first.

In the early weeks before the move, one way to help ease the stress of packing is to downsize your item count. Consider sifting through your closets for junk you don’t need so you can eliminate them from the move. Determine the items that could be trashed or sold and organize a yard sale. This money could be used to help pay for a moving service in Los Angeles, and any leftover items could be donated to a good cause. After sorting and downsizing, don’t toss the items you’ve kept back into the closet; pack any items you won’t need before the move and store them in a safe place. Try to keep the remaining items as organized as possible to help with final packing.

When it’s finally time to fill those boxes, remember to stop by a few businesses to ask for any extra cardboard boxes they may have or research if any moving companies in Los Angeles, CA offer moving supplies. Pack up fragile or valuable items first and transport those in the car to curb any loss or damage. Choose the sturdiest boxes for heavier items or even consider using plastic tubs. Put heavier objects on the bottom for a balanced foundation, and use smaller boxes for heavier items to make carrying them to and from the car less cumbersome. Use foam or blankets to rest between glass or breakable items like electronic monitors or kitchenware, and store things like plates or picture frames vertically instead of horizontally on top of one another to prevent breakage.

If you stay organized and plan ahead, moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Making a list of preparations, downsizing on clutter and choosing the right moving service in Los Angeles can help make yourmoving day a breeze.

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