Why You Should Consider Law Office of Evan W. Kohn for Legal Services

If you are looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer in the Bronx, you should consider the legal care of the Law Office of Evan W. Kohn. This is because it is essential to have your rights protected by a skilled legal representation if you are injured in an accident. The following are some of the legal services that you can acquire from Law Office of Evan W. Kohn.

  • Slip and Fall

In case you suffer an injury from a slip or fall, and you feel that the property owner can be held accountable for it, you have the option of filing a premises liability case. This is because the law requires the landowners to maintain and upkeep their properties well. The Law Office of Evan W. Kohn offers a reliable personal lawyer that will ensure that the owner of the property is held accountable for their negligence.

  • Personal Injury Attorney

With the experience of over 30 years in handling a variety of cases in the courtroom, Evan W. Kohn enough expertise to make an excellent personal injury attorney. Some of the examples include construction claims, auto accidents cases and much more. Therefore, Evan W. Kohn will offer quality, aggressive representation that will help you acquire the compensation benefits for your accidents regardless of your situation.


Why Law Office of Evan W. Kohn Legal Services?

The Law Office of Evan W. Kohn is known to offer personnel that have enough experience in providing legal services in a wide variety of cases. Besides, Mr Kohn is always ready to meet his clients for consultations, as he is committed to making it easy for you to access legal care. He can meet you for discussions at your home or even at the hospital if your medical conditions do not allow you to travel to his office. The law firm also offers a free and convenient parking to those who decide to meet him at his position.


Overall, the Law Office of Evan W. Kohn is the ultimate place that you should turn to if you are looking for a reliable legal care in whatever situation. Mr Kohn offers quality representation at very competitive prices that ensure that you are compensated. Moreover, the lawyer does not charge any fees unless the case is successful, as they do not want to further your financial burden. This means that hiring him will allow you to get unmatched legal care and attention in every step of the process.

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