Does Your Automatic Transmission Need Repair?

If you love driving, you may look upon the open road as a thing of beauty even in the blandest of surroundings, but as a Utah driver, you also have access to the spectacular terrain of Scenic Highway 12, renowned as one of the most beautiful highways in the world. With 124 miles of breathtaking views just waiting to unfold before you, the last thing you’ll probably be thinking about is your car’s automatic transmission—that is, until it starts giving you trouble. Be vigilant for these common signs that your transmission is failing, and you’ll be able to take your car in to your local Taylorsville auto transmission service shop for repairs before things escalate.

Sounds and Smells

Your car makes a lot of sounds, many of which you may be able to recognize as normal after driving it for years, but there are a few atypical sounds that may indicate that your transmission is going bad. Any sort of grinding, buzzing, humming, or whining sound, especially one that occurs while you are increasing or decreasing your driving speed, is a sound that should be investigated by a professional automatic transmission service in Taylorsville.

The presence of a strange burnt aroma while you are driving is another sign that typically indicates your transmission fluid needs changing immediately, though it may also indicate a more serious condition, such as an overheating transmission. A transmission fluid change is a relatively simple service, but failing to address this issue right away could lead to expensive transmission damage.


Transmission fluid is typically bright red when new, but it may also appear dark brown or black if your transmission is overheating.Any sign of leakage stains in your carport or regular parking stall should be taken seriously. If the leakage presents itself as anything more than just a tiny, slow drip, you may even want to top up the transmission fluid in your vehicle before you make the trip to your local Taylorsville auto transmission service shop, just to be on the safe side.


The final sign to be on the lookout for is an odd vibration coming from your transmission. Generally, any sort of unexplained shaking, shimmying, or stuttering sensation that you notice while driving, especially one that occurs during gear shifts, means it’s time to consult a transmission specialist for help.

Transmission repairs are no fun, but you can make things a lot easier on yourself by being alert for any indicators of potential issues with your vehicle. If anything seems amiss with your transmission, get things checked out by your local Taylorsville auto transmission service shop before a minor problem turns into a major expense.

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