4 Perks a Jet Card Will Provide You

If you are a in a position where you can charter private jet flights, either for work or for pleasure, you know what a wonderful experience it is. These flights are super convenient and offer a level of luxury that passengers of commercial flights can’t have. You know the benefits of taking private flights, but did you know you may be missing out on even greater perks? If you don’t have a jet card, you aren’t taking full advantage of all the possibilities. These cards are reserved for frequent fliers and for those who plan on taking private flights for work reasons or for special occasions. If you enjoy these flights often, you need to get these cards, as they will enhance your experience even more. If you’re not sure whether this is the best choice for you, consider the following benefits cardholders will enjoy with each flight.

Different Levels to Choose From

Just like a credit card or other types of membership cards, a private jet card comes in a few different options and levels. You can choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. Each has its perks, but depending on which one you choose, you’ll get even more for your money. The Silver level is used for light jets and can be used to take flights in range from two to three and a half hours. You can fit seven or eight passengers. Gold Level cardholders can take flights ranging in time from three and a half to five hours, and they can also have eight passengers on their flights. For the platinum level, your flights can last up to seven hours with nine passengers. Black level cardholders can take long flights of more than six hours with 10 passengers or more.

Flights Always Available

If you’re worried that your private flight of choice might not be available, let your fears cease, because when you have a jet card, you have guaranteed seats on the flight of your choice. So if you have a last-minute need to fly somewhere, you can use your card, book the flight and be certain that something is available for you and your party.

Don’t Worry About Extra Charges

You may be thinking to yourself that there must be a catch—that there must be hidden fees somewhere. Guess again. When you have a private jet card, you won’t have additional charges for Wi-Fi, parking, landing, taxes, overnight stays, fuel or standard catering. You’ll know what your costs will be right up front.

Bring Your Pets Along

Taking off for a vacation and want to bring your dog, cat or other pet? When you have a jet card, you can do this without question. With this perk you can bring your household pet along for the ride anytime.

Personal Concierge

With the card, you have the right to a personal concierge throughout your traveling experience. This person will be available to help with whatever needs you may have.

Get your hands on one of these cards today. Your incredible private flights will be even more memorable.

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