Are You Interested to Buy 4-Post Car Lift? A Few Tips

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As compared to any bulkier and larger 2-post car lift, a 4-post lifter can offer you little more extra utility and strength, while working on a vehicle. Also, a 4-post lift will make your work effortless and helps anyone to access the vehicle’s underside without lying down on the back for too long. Thus, your work becomes much easier, and help you to get more amount of work done quickly. However, choosing the right lift for the garage can be little harder. Whether you are a professional, family owned business, high-volume shop owner we can help you to narrow down your choice. Here are few best tips to buy a 4-post car lift.

1. Mobility

One main benefits of 4-post lifts over 2-post counterparts is its ability to be more mobile. Any 2-post lifts have to be secured to the floor, while in 4-post lifts, it can be operated freestanding because of their extra stability. Check the strength of the floor, and also whether you can really afford to anchor the lift into ground. In case you are not able to anchor or lift which is less permanent, search for rotary 4 post lift which do not need extra support. In case you need to work with any heavy vehicle and have necessary support, an anchored model should be chosen.

2. Storage

There are plenty of 4-post lifts which are dedicated to provide extra space to store in the garage, which has very tight space, where you need to house a vehicle for much longer period of time. Search for storage lifts, in case you have a requirement for extra space for parking, as they can allow you to create 2 parking spaces in 1. This will help you make best use of the garage and make sure that you are always ready for whatever work that comes through your shop.

3.  Size

Remember which type of vehicle you are interested to work with. If your objective is just repair and maintenance of consumer vehicles and no need to work with larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs, then you have much wider option range available to you but garages where regular servicing of commercial vehicles is done then any heavy duty 4-post lifts will accommodate the needs. There are few lifts which can handle large trucks, buses then any longer lengths can make the job much easier.

4.  Type of work

Majority of lifts can easily handle any kind of work, but number of 4-post lifts can work by providing support to the vehicle which has got a bed, where the wheels can rest on. Therefore, it may be difficult working with alignments of wheels without using any additional equipment. Few specially built 4-post alignment lifts, can give you certain additional freedom that you may need. Select from different varieties of lifts which are of 25,000 pounds capacity and more and will make sure that you can work with any kind of vehicle that you get.

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